Malaysia: School bars students from wearing crucifixes…

KOTA KINABALU, Dec 1 — Christian students in a public school in Sabah’s interior district of Keningau have allegedly been prohibited from wearing the crucifix as an accessory under threat of caning and possible suspension, a local daily reported.

According to the Daily Express, non-Muslim students were required to obtain permission from Sekolah Menengah Ken Wah’s disciplinary board if they wished to wear the crucifix — the image of Jesus Christ on a cross — to school.

“The regulation that came under Kebersihan Diri (personal cleanliness) stated that students are not allowed to wear jewellery and ‘tanda keagamaan’ (religious symbols such as the crucifix for Christians especially),” the newspaper quoted a senior teacher as saying.

Students who are permitted to wear the item will be issued with approval passes that must be carried daily within the school.

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  • Xavier

    World war’s coming. Totalitarianism and genocide.
    All because we showed weakness to the Moslems.

    • Frau Katze

      The current situation with high political officials not accepting the Ferguson grand jury is a very bad sign. De Blasio the latest to jump on this bandwagon. Rule of law is breaking down…replaced by rule of the mob.

      • Exile1981

        How to put this politely. De Blasio is a symptom of how far the left has gone; a man like him would have been arrested for his communist associations which he glorifies in back even when JFK was president, but under the current regime people are trying to push the country to the left so far that they cause the revolution they want so they can remake the nation anyway they want.

        Look at how often the left groups have been caught with explosives, mostly pipe bombs and other mass casualty weapons. They are planning on touching off a war and they want to kill and mame as many people as possible.

  • bloeg

    A scarf printed with cross?

    • Xavier

      Multiple pane windows next.