#JianGhomeshi harassed me on the job. Why did our radio station look the other way?

“In 2010, I went to my union to try and find a way to end this pattern of sexual harassment by Jian Ghomeshi. I had no intention to sue, or to get him fired, or even to have him reprimanded. I just needed him to stop. The union representative and my executive producer at Q, the radio show for which we worked, did nothing.”

…My old union issued a memo along similar lines, saying that no union staff members had heard of any complaints of sexual harassment. I emailed Bruce May, a staff representative at the CMG, and told him the memo was wrong, because I’d spoken to Neesam. May replied that technically the memo was correct, because Neesam was an “elected representative” and not a union “staff member”. He asked if that “clarified” things for me, and I said that it did: it clarified that the union was carefully parsing its words to leave casual readers with the impression that I was lying and they had done the right thing.”

This does not look good for the CBC or the CBC Union.

According to the Fifth Estate, CBC managers knew about assault allegations against Jian Ghomeshi back in the summer.

  • Frau Katze

    I hate CBC

    • They hate you too;)

      • Frau Katze

        I think it was also because he was so successful. I mean, if a janitor had groped her, it would have been different.

        • Observer

          No. If it had been a white janitor who groped her it would have been different at the CBC.

        • Yup this was all about protecting their interests and the brand.

          • winniec

            No. Observer has a good point. ‘Noble savages’ like Ghomeshi (or Cosby) may not be criticized since they are ‘official, designated victims’. White males are ‘official, designated perpetrators’ and must be punished for the sins of all previous generations.

  • ntt1

    In my workplace it is common knowledge that the union is never going to act in favour of a member or ruffle the feathers of potential future employers, as a result workers with a solid case are now contacting the executive levels with complaints which in a litigious world, is getting almost immediate action. funny how the lack of union action hasn’t resulted in a reduction of the huge dues we are forced to pay.

    • Unions are not what they used to be.

      • Minicapt

        I doubt they ever were.


  • wallyj180

    The great and powerful Hube has spoken .

    I read somewhere that the list of victims has reached 15.
    That is likely the tip of the iceberg. Assaults, esp.sexual assaults are rarely reported when committed by a known person. Even moreso when the perp is in a position of power.

    I wonder if Jian’s lair has been raided. He may have kept some videos,photographs, etc. as trophies. He has had plenty of time to get rid of any evidence, but he may have squirreled away a few special mementos.
    The guy is very likely a serial sexual predator. The cops should be going over his stuff very diligently.

  • Gary

    Some people might wonder if the GG Jean is being swiftly whisked out of Canada to her Francophone job because of a possible issue at the CBC with Jian. But then again , a muslim male from iran background would never see a Black women as equal or clean enough to abuse. Jian choose white non-muslim females for victims which make me wonder why he isn’t link to a hate-crime as a racist because no white christian male at the CBC ( if they ever hire one) would get away with this. So brown muslims can be racists????

    • winniec

      Muslim males all want to imitate Mohammed whose favourite sex slave was a white Christian named Maria. Muslims paid huge sums of money for white sex slaves captured from as far away as Iceland and Ireland. An Englishwoman was liberated from the Seraglio when the caliphate ended in Istanbul. Ghomeshi’s Muslim manager condoned his abuse and shielded him from complaints.

      • Gary

        If a white male christian did this to only Black non-Christian females the racism hustlers would torch the CBC building and demand the Police arrest the person for Hate-crimes and assume he’s guilty .
        Now if only the Cop in Ferguson was a Brown Muslim we would have heard the media use “Alleged” in their Reports and not the “Killer” of an Unarmed Teen ( 6 ‘ 5 ” 290 lbs).
        The new White Liberal soft racism of Lowered-Expectations for minorities as if they aren’t fully human yet and can’t be expected to live by Canada’s Morals and Laws. Justin is the darling of the CBC and he is close with those Homophobic , misogynistic , child-bride friendly Whahhabi Sunni Saudi funded Mosques which should up set the CBC since they love to eat-up the propaganda of Harper’s War On Women and a Christian based homophobe( as if Chretien, Martin, and Trudeau weren’t Christian in the eyes of the CBC) .

  • And they booed Billy Bob Thornton when he said he likes Canada just not Jian Ghomeshi.

  • wallyj180

    This can’t be good for the CBC.

    But Ms. Groen’s e-mail, obtained by The Globe and Mail, casts doubt on Mr. Boyce’s account.

    “At no point did you or any senior manager ever instruct me to conduct such an investigation, formally or otherwise,” she writes. “To the contrary, I was assured and confident that you and HR were handling the matter and asking the appropriate people the necessary questions. To characterize, post facto, my role as investigative, however loosely defined, is a misrepresentation of facts and surprising.”

    There is more in the article;

  • Quote from the article: “A year into my time on the job, he grabbed my rear end and claimed he couldn’t control himself because of my skirt.” A classic Muslim excuse.