How long before they label it a Flying Zionist Spy Horse?

Miracle or hoax? Saudi Flying horse video creates frenzy online

  • ntt1

    if they get that exited over a poorly faked flying horse what would their reaction to dozens of helium foiled pig balloons?

    • Frau Katze

      The article says there is a shop in Jeddah that sells horse balloons.

      But Muslims are really gullible. Remember seeing Khomeini’s face on moon?

      • ntt1

        gotta be gullible to follow mo,

        • A Djinn made you say that!

          • ntt1

            never after labour day !

      • winniec

        But those crafty Zionists never quit plotting their evil machinations just to annoy Muslims. Fortunately, Muslims figure it out and show how hard they are to trick! However, in reality there aren’t enough Jewish psychiatrists to treat all the delusional Muzzies.

      • barb

        It seems to be bigger than “gullibility.” It ties together with Erdogan claiming muslims discovered America. It’s a world of fantasy. “Fantasy-prone thinking is the most prevalent feature of traditional muslim thought. . .”

    • That would be fun to see;)

  • winniec

    They believe Mohammed rode a flying mule with the face of a woman to a physical paradise located just above the earth where he got married to Virgin Mary. (Oh, Dr. Rorschach! Please interpret that dream!) Mohammed proved that Muzzies are the most gullible people on earth.

  • chayisun

    Muslims can get quite excited about an obviously fake flying horse. Shows just how stupid they are. However, they are very low key when it comes to beheadings. That is something they are so used to seeing. That and suicide attacks, acid attacks and other disgusting forms of “entertainment.”

    Just wish there would be a cataclysmic earthquake in the middle east.

  • Gary

    The imams deny jesus rose from the dead and it was Shabir Ally ( immigrant) that claimed the leader used a Jesus look alike to fool the people and make the Jooooos happy he was dead. The real Jesus met with his followers and they thought he rose from the dead to start the myth.
    Right Ally , but you believe that Muhammad was seen rising from his grave and mounted a waiting Winged Horse that he rode into the clouds to be with allah. Now THAT was true but Jesus is the big lie …..Right????
    Muslim worship a meteorite in Mekkah where they circle it several times during haaj, and I bet the Convert don’t get to see what’s behind the curtain because even a kid in the West would knwo was a meteor is and spot the black rock as very dense and heavy to have fallen from the sky after drifting in space and not From Allah.

  • Xavier

    Yeah, back to 7th century AD territory. Apparently that’s all their minds can handle. Hey, what’s AD stand for, Musloid?

  • AlanUK

    Looks like Buraq threw her/its rider! (See Wiki article Buraq).

    • AlanUK

      Seriously. Some child is very unhappy to loose its balloon.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    What happens to the Muzzies on the ground when the horse shits?

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    ‘La ilaha ill Allah! …. La ilaha ill Allah! …. La ilaha ill Allah!’

    LOL @ the guy who thinks he’s about to die and breaks into the Mohomeddan pre-death chant.

    All of this because of a horse balloon and an updraft. Hahahaha