Everyday Koran Loving Mohammedans Murder 36 Infidels In Cold Blood For Allah – But Spared The Muslims!

(Reuters) – Islamist al Shabaab militants killed 36 non-Muslim workers at a quarry in northeast Kenya on Tuesday, beheading at least two of them in revenge for Kenyan military action against the group in neighboring Somalia.

The gunmen crept up on dozens of workers sleeping in tents at about 1 a.m. (2200 GMT), a resident said, in the same area near the Somali border where they hijacked a bus and killed 28 passengers just over a week ago.

“The militia separated the Muslims, then ordered the non-Muslims to lie down where they shot them on the head at close range,”

  • barb

    So much blood before breakfast . . .
    Their humanity cannot be redeemed.

    • Justin

      Another massacre carried out by evil islamo-fascists and facilitated by the Western “liberal democratic” policies adopted by Kenya which in turn weakened and emasculated the Kenyan non-muslim society and rendered
      them ignorant and defenceless in the face of these Islamic evil. Wherever Western “liberal democracy” takes root, islamo-fascists there are emboldened and the local natives are emasculated, infected with political-correctness and rendered powerless, clueless and defenceless in the face of this evil. Thank God for the people of CAR who defended themselves against this evil of islamo-fascism and it is because they were free from Western style of “liberal democracy” and all the political-correctness diseases and spinelessness that results from it.

      • barb

        What is CAR?

        • Justin

          CAR means “Central African Republic”.
          Do you remember how Christians in that country dealt with the islamic jihadists in that country about a year ago? They organized Christian militia and fought back hard against the muslim jihadists and forced tens of thousands of their muslims sympathizers out of Bangui, their capital city. They did all that because they were not infected by Western disease of political-correctness and spinelessness which results from following Western style “liberal democracy”.

          • barb

            Thank you, Justin. I just found some info – looks like the militia is forming a political party now. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/11/30/christian-militia-in-central-african-republic-to-abandon-armed-fight-form/

          • Curly Bill

            Good. Where have they been?

          • barb

            Maybe this is the correct order, Curly Bill — you start out as a military unit and THEN you become a political party.

          • Curly Bill

            What I meant was, when repubs are in office, all we hear about are the nasty, mean, racist, rwnj militia groups.
            I can’t believe that the militia has stood by and let our goverenment be taken over, completely by communists.
            That’s what I was trying to say.

  • Hard Little Machine

    ISIS will be the first transnational nation state recognized as a political entity w/o having a contiguous land mass. It will be like electing ‘Communism’ to the UN as a member state.

    • Frau Katze

      I don’t think al-Shabaab has pledged allegiance to the Caliphate.

      The leaders of these movements are definitely alpha-males, and they are highly competitive. They seem to want the same thing, but joining together is not on the agenda for the larger groups.

      • Exile1981

        Even when they do join together they will plot against each other.