CBC manager disputes CBC Manager’s account of #JianGhomeshi probe

But Ms. Groen’s e-mail, obtained by The Globe and Mail, casts doubt on Mr. Boyce’s account.

“At no point did you or any senior manager ever instruct me to conduct such an investigation, formally or otherwise,” she writes. “To the contrary, I was assured and confident that you and HR were handling the matter and asking the appropriate people the necessary questions. To characterize, post facto, my role as investigative, however loosely defined, is a misrepresentation of facts and surprising.”

Mr. Boyce seemed less than forthcoming in his interview. h/t Wally

Plus… Canadian Media Guild admits response to Ghomeshi case “unacceptable”

The Canadian Media Guild admits it failed to do its job in the Jian Ghomeshi case and has pledged to “do better” after a former Q staffer said the union dodged her complaints.

The union also apologized to the former employee and promised her support from here on out.