BC: Premier Clark slams parents of child protesters for allowing kids to break law (with video)

Several hundred people gathered on Burnaby Mountain the day an injunction against an anti-pipeline protest camp was due, Nov 17, 2014. Source.

“They’re 11 years old, for heaven’s sakes,” Clark railed in an interview. ‘Teaching your kids that it’s OK for them to break the law when they’re 11 years old isn’t OK. I think we all as parents would ask ourselves, ‘What kind of message are we sending to our kids?’”

Premier Christy Clark is ripping two Burnaby families after their 11-year-old daughters crossed police lines at the Burnaby Mountain pipeline protest.

Kate Fink-Jensen and her friend, Naomi Cech, both in Grade 6, crossed the line Nov. 23. Kate’s mom, Kim, also crossed the police barricade. They were all quickly released and not charged.

Now the premier is taking the girls’ parents to task…

…But the parents of Kate and Naomi fired back at the premier.

“She doesn’t know my family or my daughter,” said Peter Cech, who was arrested himself at the protest the day before Naomi crossed the line. “Our daughter stands up for her beliefs. It feels very unfair to hear criticism like this from someone who knows nothing about us”…

And of course an 11-year-old is in a good position to make an intelligent decision on this on her own.

Video at link. h/t Marvin