Australia: ‘No Gender December:’ Greens Senator calls for end to gender-based toys, but full face veils are fine

A veritable nightmare at the toy shop!

The No Gender December campaign is targeting children’s toys.

unnamed-15Greens Senator Larissa Waters, who is not unattractive but looks rather sour

Cory Bernardi wants Santa to bring the Greens one thing for Christmas: “Common sense”.

In response to the party’s campaign to stop parents from buying toys that gender stereotype their children, the Liberal Senator says that if boys get Barbie dolls and girls get monster trucks on December 25, the scene will be set for unhappy children “across the country”.

On Tuesday, Greens spokeswoman for women, Larissa Waters, called on gift-giving adults to think about how toys are marketed to children over the festive season…

…Senator Waters said that “outdated stereotypes” about girls and boys perpetuate gender inequality, “which feeds into very serious problems such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap”…

Via Iron Burka, who also discusses the Greens’ approval of the full face veil.