American mom, 37, is stabbed to death by knife-wielding burqa-clad woman at mall in Abu Dhabi

A murder investigation has been launched after an American mother was stabbed to death during a clash with a burqa-clad ‘woman’ in shopping mall toilets in Abu Dhabi.

The 37-year-old kindergarten teacher, who has 11-year-old twin boys, was stabbed with a knife in the altercation in the ladies’ toilets a supermarket in Boutik Mall on Reem island in the United Arab Emirates capital.

She was taken to be treated at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City but died later from her injuries in the incident on Monday afternoon.

The victim – who is divorced from the father of the twins – has not been identified. Her initials are only known as ABR. 


  • Yo, Burqa-babes? Here’s how you look to us:

    Do you see why this is problematic?

    • Frau Katze

      Why would live there? I sure wouldn’t.

      • Zaba


      • Linda1000

        It’s tax free money mostly for western expats and the salaries for professionals on contracts are way above average. As a teacher she probably makes triple her salary compared to the U.S. along with generous benefits. Abu Dubai is more conservative and quiet compared to Dubai which tends to be more gauche, almost like the “Hollywood” of the Gulf states and more the “Hong Kong” of the ME for business. I’m surprised to hear of this happening in Abu Dhabi as Dubai has more crime and a more transient population. If this turns out to be a weird guy in a burka, I bet he is not an Emirati national and is long gone from Abu Dhabi. Otherwise it might just be someone mentally ill and it doesn’t seem like the victim was robbed or the police would have said so.

      • Justin

        Will these clueless and ignorant Westerners ever learn that islam and those who follow it are real danger to infidels?

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    • Drunk_by_Noon

      To their primitive culture, that is seen as a positive.

      • Zaba

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  • J. C.

    So the prime suspect is… Darth Maul???

    • Or the Singing Nun.

      • Zaba

        The really old singing nun.

  • Canadian

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  • glasnost

    Soon they’ll have difficulty hiring any ex-pats to fill their skilled employment positions.

  • Dana Garcia

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  • Sir Barrington Minge

    But it wasn’t burqa-babe’s fault!!