A Little Slice Of The Rotherham Mentality ( And a severed finger) In Our Own Back Yard

Ottawa real estate agent admits he attacked family, severed daughter’s finger after seeing her online photo

The Crown prosecutor in the case requested and was granted a ban on publishing the names of the accused and his family so the victims wouldn’t be “re-victimized”.

He told court that although media reports at the time described the attacks as a family “honour crime”, nothing in the case file supports that theory.

Other than the fact Dad was a Cult Crazed Mohammedan, no nothing at all supports the theory of “Honour Crime”

The Perps name is Labib Khawas, 55

h/t LRC who has a brilliant piece up on the Rotherhamians in our midst.

  • barb

    Publishing names would serve several purposes:
    It would be a deterrent to others in the islamic community who may perpetrate the same offense. It would be a form of protection for the family within the greater society; and it would let other families who may be victimized know they do not have to tolerate the abuse.

    Non-publication works for the offender. In this case, we’ll know all the names when he gets out of jail and murders them.

    • It is political correctness working against the best interests of society as ever.

  • Martin B

    “The father, who cries himself to sleep most nights at the Innes Road jail…”

    Whenever you think the National Post has sunk as low as it go, it sinks lower.

    • They are going down hill.

      • UncleVladdi

        There’s no hill left – they’re over the cliff and in free-fall.

    • Frau Katze

      They are hopeless. I wouldn’t read them at all.

    • moraywatson

      Of course the man cries himself to sleep, he is a twice failed totalitarian supremacist. He firstly failed to control the females in his household, and then he subsequently failed to apply the required death sentence to the dishonourable muslimas. Allah cannot be pleased.

    • Petrilla

      I remember when I defended the National Post and refused to accept free copies of the Star. I wouldn’t bother with either now, so sad.

  • winniec

    Eventually, if the politicians and courts do not stop honour killings, ordinary people will only have the resort of boycotting everything Islamic.

    • An excellent idea.

      • moraywatson

        So we all have to go without rubble?

    • Petrilla

      I’ll bore you to tears again. Boycott tomato soup which has halal designation, crescent moon with Capitol M in middle. I’ll not be eating anything that has been blessed by an imam and wonder where the profits are going, but for the life of me I can’t figure out why a vegetarian soup needs this designation. Other brands are equally delicious. When buying tomato soup, I like to engage with other shoppers and interesting ideas come forth.

      • Petrilla

        That would be Campbell’s tomato soup which apparent cause an internal error when first writeen. Let’s see how we do now!

  • mobuyus

    The only one that will re-victomize the family will be dear old dad.

    • UncleVladdi

      “NO! The hateful white racist bigots in Ottawa will point and laugh! Oh, the humanity of it all – Boo Hoo Hoo!”

      -Justin Trudeau-

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. The poor father was probably just trying to help her cut her nails and the knife slipped.

  • ntt1

    National post immediately closed comments on realizing it was about a muslim honour crime,
    Muslims are one of their protected groups whose name can never be mentioned

  • UncleVladdi

    Typical liberal racism: “Oh, the Poor Swarthy Animals! They Just Can’t Help Being at the Mercy of their Animal Instincts, Always Reacting Violently to Oppression! So We Whites Should Stop Picking On Them!”

    Trying to hide the perp’s (obviously muslim) name, while slanderously pretending it’s to “protect his family from re-victimization” (HOW?! By random white people pointing and laughing at them on the streets of Ottawa?!)

    And reducing his crimes from attempted murder to aggravated assault, as if they NEEDED that plea bargain to gain his comfession to prove his guilt, because there weren’t enough credible witnesses otherwise (I guess the prosecutor agreed to Submit to sharia, where women’s testimony is only worth half a man’s, at best!)?

    Here’s a link to the original Sun Media news story, still up on the interwebs:


  • Petrilla

    Jail and then deport this POS who has apparently been pulling the wool over Coldwell Banker’s real estate company for a long while. Selling homes with a smile. Tell us again about moderate Muslims, or as I saw recently, is that the one holding your coat while the radical islamist is beating you to death? I forgot to say allegedly to absolutely every word I said. Do forgive me.