A big mistake: Poland warns it will block Cameron’s EU benefits crackdown

David Cameron has been warned by Poland that he must water down his plans to curb benefits for EU migrants or they will be blocked.

Rafal Trzaskowski, Poland’s deputy foreign minister, insisted the rules would have to apply to Britons as well as workers from other parts of Europe.

unnamed-8Rafal Trzaskowski, Poland’s deputy foreign minister

Mr Cameron used his long-awaited immigration speech last week to insist that curbs on tax credits, child benefits, jobseekers allowance and council housing will be a key demand for his talks on renegotiating Britain’s EU membership.

Mr Cameron admitted that his proposals would require treaty change but would need support from across the EU to push through such measures.

Mr Trzaskowski said it was an ‘absolute red line’ for his government that there is no discrimination in the welfare system on grounds of nationality…

That’s right — hand more ammunition to UKIP. Poland will kill the goose that laid the golden egg. He needs to understand the UK point of view.