Wynne Government Won’t Let Parents See Details Of Child Sex Grooming Guide

TORONTO – Parents have been unable to properly respond to the new sex-ed curriculum because they haven’t seen it, PC MPP Monte McNaughton says.

While efforts to survey parents were supposed to have wrapped up Friday, the questions contained no information on the actual curriculum, he said.

“Clearly, the Wynne Liberals aren’t respecting parents,” he said. “To the millions of parents out there, this look likes a government running a covert operation, trying to hide something that was very controversial in 2010.”

The Ontario government, under former premier Dalton McGuinty and then education minister Kathleen Wynne, introduced a new sex education curriculum in 2010 that drew strong reactions from some groups.

  • G

    They haven’t researched hard enough.

    Break into a school at night.
    Get a teacher drunk in their own home & copy their hard drive.
    Bribe a janitor.

    Wynne’s not playing nice. Why are you?

  • Ron MacDonald

    She has a five year mandate, the best thing we can do is to keep pissing off the Ontario public off by exposing Wynne and her cabal of perverts and pedophiles. The end result will be similar to the recent elections in the US.

    • I do hope.

      • Observer

        We need to get parents who find out, who schools are bringing into classes to speak to our children.

        Parents need to be active in their childrens’ education by asking their children what is going on in their classes and what outsiders are being brought in to speak to them.

        Are schools allowing people with deviant behavior or lifestyles to promote that behavior to impressionable young minds.

        Why schools allow and even promote people with criminal records like OCAP’s John Clarke or “sex workers” who like being in the sex trade to interact with young people and how it is allowed by some Principals, I can’t understand.

        • Waffle

          Way too many parents are o.k. with this travesty. That, I don’t understand. But when you consider that too many parents (both single and couples) are working their butts off, usually at minimum wage (or just slightly above), just to put food on the table and pay the rent, who has time to get involved with what’s going on in the schools?

    • Exile1981

      Unless you can get enough people angry enough that a scandal forces her to step down.

  • Jim Horne

    Where are our priorities?

    Why aren’t people talking about the number of weeks in the school year?

    There appears to be a correlation between the number of weeks in a school year and the test scores of students? Countries whose students spend more time in school each year appear to have better test scores across the board.

    Why are we focusing our attention and our resources on sex education when so many students in Ontario are unable to tie or better the test scores of students from countries with a longer school year?

    Do we want our children to be able to complete at the same level as the students from countries where education is a top priority? Or, do we want our children to be second class citizens in a global economy?

    • Because they want to normalize pedophilia.

      • Observer

        But they also bring in radical speakers in classes and seem to encourage high school students to volunteer for their radical groups since in Ontario they have to perform 40 hours of volunteer time to graduate.

        That time can including volunteering for the violent Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, No One Is Illegal, or even working on an election campaign, whether that is for the NDP, the Communist Party of Canada, or even Team Trudeau! Of course that could be more normal groups, but does anybody know if that can include volunteering in the local church or synagogue?

  • mauser 98

    Wynne wants to make pedophilia a legal lifestyle.
    Bestiality is next.

    “Mental Health Group Looks to Remove Stigma From Pedophilia”

  • Reader

    Are these the new coordinators for Ontario’s music curriculum?

    I hope the one dressed in a Plain’s Indian headdress doesn’t get into trouble for appropriating their culture!

  • Maggat

    Recruiting and grooming, that is what Wynne and Levin are interested in. Period!