Thousands quit Lutheran church in Finland after its Archbishop came out in favour of same-sex marriage

Thousands of people have resigned from the Lutheran church in Finland after its Archbishop said he rejoiced “with my whole heart” following the government vote to legalise same-sex marriage.

According to Finland’s YLE, between the time that the vote went through on Friday and midnight on Saturday almost 7,800 people had resigned from the church using an online system that aims to ease people’s resignation.

Each person who resigns their membership also resigns their commitment to pay taxes to the church, which is the Lutheran church’s main source of income in Finland, YLE reports.

  • ntt1

    Tithing is similar in most churches, unfortunately the ones most offended by “progressive” leadership are the ones who attend regularly and commit to monthly dollar figures these people quietly stop coming . the ones mollified by progressivism are the wedding and funeral types who have no commitment to the church beyond tokenism.
    I am watching this destroy our local Anglican Church but I believe it to be true of most churches, except the fringe Baptist types that still deal in absolutes.

    • Exile1981

      Our local Anglican one is also going through a thing where about half the regulars are not interested in progressive issues and the other half are hard core progressives who do regularly attend the church.

      • ntt1

        we lost the greyer heavy donating part of our congregation and did not pick up any progressives at all, for a net loss off about 60% of yearly income ,The church is on life support right now and as the dioses gets tighter with money for the same reason, the property will be sold off.

        • Exile1981

          Our diocese tried to sell off our church as well, but found out that ours is so old that legally the church association owns the land and the building as it predates the province and the formation of the diocese. So the amount we pay the diocese is way less than any other group as it’s our building and land and even with our under 25 members we still keep it afloat. We even as a group contracted with the minister in the next town to come do our services after he finishes the ones in his own community rather than have a full time minister. Our treasurer has been pinching pennies for over a decade and the church has a nice nest egg of GIC’s in-case of any major requirements.

          Our church is so old that the church proper has no restrooms and 50 people would be standing room only in it.

          • ntt1

            you are in comparatively good shape then.