Nicolai Sennels: Copenhagen’s dhimmi-chief of police: Documenting Muslim violence causes Muslim violence

This is exactly the logic that we all suspected that the police is pervaded by: that presenting facts is the cause of Muslim attacks on non-Muslims. Not the Quran’s and the Hadiths’ countless orders to Muslims to hate, rob, rape, persecute, harm and kill non-Muslims, nor the hate-preaching imams in the increasing numbers of mosques telling their followers every Friday that exactly these books are the absolute truth and must be followed to the letter… These are the people we pay to protect us.

The below debate is a follow-up on a series of articles, where a local priest and a social worker describes the obvious problems in the Copenhagen Muslim ghetto Tingbjerg. As a psychology student I was a trainee in Tingbjerg and when I later got a job in the Copenhagen youth prison Sønderbro, I know the area and got to know a lot of the young residents personally…