Muslim Charity Irfan Canada Boss – The Jews Did It!

Ed. Note the implication of these articles is that MAC – the Muslim Association Of Canada continued to provide funds to Irfan Canada after Irfan was nailed by the Feds as a Hamas Fundraiser.

NB – all articles are from La Presse so Google Translate will have to do. h/t Gisele

The owner of the IRFAN blame “the Jews”

The big boss of IRFAN seemed obsessed with the Jews, whom he accused of being the cause of all the problems of his organization, found the police.

If IRFAN found himself in the crosshairs of the authorities, it is because it was the biggest “Arab Islamic charity” in the country and that “Jews have a problem with that,” would have said Rasem Abdel-Majid.

The leader of the IRFAN discussed several times without knowing with RCMP officer who presented himself incognito to his office in Mississauga, posing as an ordinary citizen of Arab origin.

Abdel-Majid would have lamented that “the Government of Canada is with the Jews” and that they had “given the ok” for this government. He also complained that his website was the target of “Jewish hackers” that the officer carefully noted in his report.

Muslim Association Of Canada accepted funds for banned Terrorist Fundraiser Irfan Canada

Thursday, March 6, 2014, 5:09 p.m.. A man that the RCMP considered a Hamas fundraiser fate of the offices of the Muslim Association of Canada, at the corner of Laurentien Boulevard and Émile Nelligan Street, in the Ahuntsic-Cartierville. He is holding a yellow envelope of 8.5 inches 14. Concealed nearby, a police officer aims and presses the button of his camera.

The photo is added to a large investigation file named “Project Sapphire, terrorist financing”. Corporal Christine Bélair, the Integrated National Security Team in Montreal, takes notes in his report. “It is possible that [censored] still accepting donations at this time of the Muslim Association of Canada on behalf of IRFAN,” she wrote.

IRFAN is the name of an active charity in Quebec and Ontario, the International Relief Fund for the Afflicted and Needy, added by the government’s list of terrorist entities, 24 April.

Muslim Association of Canada, Others, named as major donor to terrorist fund raiser Irfan Canada

Ed. Note the implication in this article is that MAC – the Muslim Association Of Canada continued to provide funds to Irfan Canada after Irfan was nailed by the Feds as a Hamas Fundraiser.

The RCMP has identified some Quebec sources of funding for IRFAN, raised under the guise of humanitarian aid. For gifts made in 2011, there is no evidence that donors knew the alleged links of IRFAN with Hamas. From the winter of 2011, however, the information is now public.

The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC, the acronym) gave $ 297,000 to the IRFAN between 2001 and 2010, according to financial statements found by the police. An RCMP investigator found a MAC-recognition plaque in the office Radem Abdel Majid, the great patron of the IRFAN in Canada. On its website, the MAC said draw the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood. In Montreal, a private primary school funded by the Ministry of Education said it affiliated until the media do state in 2011. The school has removed references to the MAC of its website, but its director is still one of the Canadian leaders of the MAC. Last March, the RCMP photographed IRFAN the fundraiser coming out of the MAC office with a big envelope and his notebook receipts.

The MAC has not called La Presse.