Israeli-Canadian woman Gill Rosenberg dispels reports of capture by Islamic State

Gill Rosenberg posing with a friend in a photo which is presumed to have been taken in Iraq and which was uploaded to Facebook on November 9, 2014, (photo credit: Facebook)

Israeli-Canadian citizen Gill Rosenberg posted on Facebook on Monday evening that she was safe, dispelling reports that emerged on jihadist-linked media earlier this week of her abduction by Islamic State operatives…

…The first sign of life from the 31-year-old Tel Aviv resident came after a flurry of reports of her alleged capture near the embattled city of Kobani, in Syria, which both the Canadian and Israeli foreign ministries said they were investigating.

Doubts surfaced Monday over the kidnapping reports, as Kurdish sources told the NRG news site that they were aware of the “wave of rumors” that IS had captured an Israeli citizen in Kobani, presumably Gill Rosenberg, an IDF veteran who had traveled to Iraq to fight for the Kurdish YPG militia.

“This is false propaganda by IS,” the Kurdish sources said. “We can say with a high level of certainty that no Israeli volunteer, or any international volunteer for that matter, arrived to fight in the city of Kobani in Syria.”

…In addition, they said, international volunteers are not placed in combat roles, but instead support the front-line fighters…