For Honour?

Homicide cops probing death of woman in Markham driveway Victim Aleeya Raza, 28. Aleeya is Arabic for exalted.

Mom, sons found dead in apartment were murdered, police say – The bodies of Zahra Mohamoud Abdille, 43, Faris Abdille, 13, and Zain Abdille, 8, were discovered in an apartment at 85 Thorncliffe Park Dr.

Toronto Police remained vague Monday about the connection between the triple homicide and a death that took place in the southbound lanes of the nearby Don Valley Parkway on the same day.

  • Maggat

    The NP ran this story yesterday, but with no comments or real details. Funny, but when I tried to cross reference this account with the NP, the NP story had completely disappeared. Go figure, thank heavens for BSF.

  • winniec

    They look like honour killings. It’s a pity we cannot add the category of ‘honour killing’ as an offence in our system. The Thornecliffe Park Muslim honour-killed his family and then committed suicide in my opinion.

    Honour killings MUST be recognized as such so we can effectively argue against them and STOP them! In Sharia law, honour killings are not a crime.

  • Linda1000

    “Abdille” is a common last name in Mogadishu so that’s my guess for the country of origin for this family?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The leading cause of death for women in Islam is apparently, breathing while having ovaries.