David Wood: Muslim says he wouldn’t mind killing me for Interpreting the Quran as violent

Islam-peace-killStraight out of a cartoon.  ‘Gerry Fuentes’ sounds like a convert.

  • fonzie

    Little bit possessive, a little bit like the catholic Church in the medieval period.

    It is only when the imanns relinquish the power all can see it’s a scam.

  • David Murrell

    Great cartoon! And so true, so true.

  • Jason

    I was thinking the other day (my rule of thumb is every third day I’m allowed to do that!): there may be an inverse relationship between how sensible, defensible a belief is, and the urgency with which people defend it. The most ridiculous notions seem to inspire louder protest and even violence (“I’m right and I’ll prove it by killing you”). Islam is a case in point.
    And I wondered if deep down, at some level, the people defending irrational/weak beliefs actually *know* that they are irrational and weak, and consequently feel vulnerable. Hence they lash out at any opposing viewpoints. They usually won’t consider moderating or reviewing their own beliefs and, in fact, they are probably too terrified to look more closely at them.