Cash-strapped Islamic academy charity ‘spent £1m of taxpayers’ cash building sister school in Pakistan’

A cash-strapped Islamic school has been accused of spending £1million of taxpayers’ money on a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Pakistan.

Council chiefs are investigating claims that the leaders of Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham, which is currently in desperate need of repair, have used public money to help fund a hi-tech school 5,000 miles away in the Pakistan city of Ziarat.

Birmingham City Council confirmed it has launched a probe into the school’s finances and said it is ‘concerned about the severe deficit it has got itself into’.


  • Rosenmops

    Just Muzz colonists collecting jhizzya from the natives and sending it back to the homeland. Nothing to see here.

    • They are settlers not immigrants. Government has to realize this.

      • Mal

        Yup. The vanguard.

  • Mal

    Concerned about the severe DEFICIT it had got itself into? The school didn’t go into debt; it CHOSE to send maintenance money to Pakistan! Close the one in Britain. Now.
    (Then fumigate it, and open it for the use of UKIP. Heh.)

  • glasnost

    Sister school?

    Looks to me like no sisters allowed.

  • ed

    Manchester city [ labour] council built 6 schools in paki-tard-land years ago [ ed uk ]

  • simus1

    Guess which ones are “their own first cousins”.