50 years After None Dare Call It Treason…

Fifty years ago, in 1964, a Korean War veteran, electrical magazine editor, and self-taught expert on Communism named John Stormer published None Dare Call it Treason. It eventually sold 7 million copies.

The premise of the book was fairly simple: there are high-ranking people in America that are in fact the enemies of America and as a movement do everything in their power to sabotage our battle against totalitarianism. Yet, nobody is willing to identify these people for what they are: Traitors. And no one will call what these traitors are doing for what it is: Treason.

That is no longer true, thanks to David Horowitz and his new book The Great Betrayal, Volume III of The Black Book of the American Left. “Treason as a moral rather than a legal issue is not difficult to define,” he writes. “Treason is when your country is at war and you want the other side to win.”