‘Their heroes are usually criminals’: Katie Pavlich points out blatant hypocrisy from the Left on Ferguson protests

Twitchy has series of tweets by Katie.

Related: If you missed it, do read Daniel Greenfield’s excellent piece: Three Myths About the Rioters and Looters of Ferguson.

He analyzes the time-tested methods of agitating crowds. His three main points:

  • Riots aren’t fed by outrage, but by opportunism.
  • The rioters and looters aren’t burning their own community.
  • Riots are about power, not for the rioters, but for the establishment.
  • Alain

    Katie summed it up perfectly. Yes, I thought Greenfield’s piece was excellent and spot on.

  • jay

    I find it a bit twisted they don’t riot over American being beheaded by Isis yet a black youth who was no angel they go nuts.