In Northern Ireland, a Wave of Immigrants Is Met With Fists

BELFAST, Northern Ireland — More than 16 years after the Good Friday peace deal brought real hope that Protestants and Roman Catholics could live together in relative harmony, Northern Ireland is being racked by another wave of violence.

But this time it is not driven by the sectarian divide, but by animosity toward a fast-growing population of immigrants — adding one more challenge as Europe struggles to cope with the combination of intense economic strain and rapid demographic change.

“This is a society that always prides itself on being very friendly, but it is becoming less and less welcoming, particularly to certain types of people,” said Jayne Olorunda, 36, whose father was Nigerian, and though she grew up in Northern Ireland said her color has always marked her as an outsider.

  • Pete_Brewster

    This is how normal people innocent of political correctness deal with uninvited and unwelcome guests.

    Go thou and do likewise.

    • The gap between the Multiculturalists and the people who have to deal with the consequences of multiculturalism grows ever wider.

  • disqus_omtDhqWCVP

    As a child and teenager in the 1940’s and 50’s in Toronto, Canada we were often set upon by small gangs of anti Semitic hoodlums. They were invariably children of Irish immigrants.
    If one or two of us were walking alone those gangs would appear from lanes and alleyways.
    Three was the magic number. If there were three of us, no matter how large the gang of ‘Irishers’, they always vanished. They could not get behind us.

    For the first time in my life I agree with the Irish.
    Now we shall see if Irish courage does come in a bottle of Guinness.

    Mickey Oberman

    • Pete_Brewster

      Those were Catholics, taught by their priests to hate Jews. The only reason Catholic Ireland didn’t murder her Jews was she didn’t have any.

      Meanwhile, Protestant Ulstermen governed Toronto the Good wisely and well. Membership in the Orange Order was de rigueur for anyone serious about being Toronto’s mayor well into the 20th century.

      • Fred

        Lots of Jews in Ireland historically, Dublin in particular. An early Israeli president was an Irish speaker and member of Sinn Fein!!

        Stop making things up.

        • Pete_Brewster

          I didn’t mean literally none. Of course Dublin had a few. The fact remains that relatively speaking (compared to France, say) their community was tiny, and remains so.

          Part of it was that the Poor Old Woman attracted very few immigrants to her shriveled bosom, Jewish or otherwise. On the contrary, she drove her children before her.

        • minuteman

          Doesn’t make him any less an alien.

      • andycanuck

        Then move the fuck back there, asshole.

      • disqus_omtDhqWCVP

        “Wisely and well.”

        Baloney. Wasps were as anti Semitic as anyone else.

        Legislation in 1951 put an end to most overt discrimination.
        Ultimately Toronto became as close to being a city of brotherly love as any place on the planet.

        However, after 1967 when Muslims started immigrating and bringing their old tribal hatreds with them and influencing the ignorant, prone to hate citizens, did that great atmosphere start to crumble. It still survives but needs constant injections of decency.
        Fortunately those injections are readily available from most of our elected politicians and from our Prime Minister and his cabinet.

        But the vitral vermin are still trying hard.

        Mickey Oberman

    • G

      If it does I think an international money order enough to buy a case of Guinness in exchange for a Youtube vid of some immigrants getting the hell beat out of them is in order.

      • disqus_omtDhqWCVP

        Muslim immigration is turning Canadians unfairly and unjustly against all immigrants most of whom are an asset to our country.
        Mickey Oberman

  • G

    “…immigrants from Eastern Europe and parts of Africa tell stories similar to those of people from China, India and Pakistan who have lived here for decades.”

    –Oh yes of course the ever reliable old dodge “I’ve-lived-here-for-years-I’m-just-as-Irish-as-you-are” Bullshit. Careful, cherry picked news on the part of the NYT.

    “…..Mohammed Khattack, a Pakistani who arrived in Belfast last year, was beaten in June by a man yelling racial slurs.”

    The go the fuck back to Pakistan. – NOW!

    It’s funny how when a white person gets beheaded in the middle east it’s never racism. Maybe the Irish lads would do well to beat the hell out of some news reporters.

    • Pete_Brewster

      I’m surprised they didn’t repeat the great story about how London tried to settle a pack of Romanian gypsies in Belfast. In no time the gypsies were holed up in liberal church basements begging to be sent home for fear the Prods would kill them.

  • G

    Aww poor journalists. Those knuckle dragging peons simply won’t act the way you tell them to.

    • Pete_Brewster

      That’s the nice thing about Ulstermen. They fight back.

      • G

        A lesson we all should learn.

  • Dana Garcia

    Humans are hard-wired to be tribal. Too bad our public policy won’t admit that basic fact.

    • Alain

      Exactly. Another fact is that not a single country from which any of these immigrants come follows the stupidity of the West in pretending that all people and all cultures are the same.