He Didn’t Do Nuttin’!


OK, here is the ‘Reader’s Digest’ version, then the video.

A thug walks into a store and holds the employees at gun point. An alert customer notices this antisocial behavior and tells the gunman to drop his weapon. The gunman wheels around and points his gun at our good Samaritan (who happens to be a lawful concealed carry type) and gets promptly ventilated five times by our hero. So far so good!

The thug’s “fambly” is upset and puzzled as to why can’t people just mind their own damn business.

“If his (the customer) life was not in danger, if no one had a gun up to him, if no one pointed a gun at him – what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone? You should have just left the store and went wherever you had to go in your car or whatever.”

I think the answer to her seemingly rhetorical question would be “the law” gives him (or anybody) the right to get all up into your sainted brother’s business during his commission of a crime.

I see she has also omitted that final step titled “call the police”. Oh well, a sista’s love knows no bounds!

Damn! I almost want to set up a “Go Fund Me” page just so our hero can get in some more range time in and buy better (more lethal) ammo. There is no way any thug should survive five hits at close range.