If this story is true it is awesome!

  An Afghan woman has killed at least 25 Taliban militants to avenge the murder of her son who was a police officer in western Farah province.

According to reports, Reza Gul was forced to pick up arms after her son was shot dead by Taliban militants in front of her eyes.

…She was supported by her daughter and daughter-in-law during the gun battle which lasted for almost 7 hours that left at least 25 Taliban militants dead and five others injured.

Sediq Sediq, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior (MoI) said the armed campaign by women against the Taliban militants is a symbol of a major revolution and public uprising against the group.

Killed by lowly women? No soup virgins for you!


  • people

    Pissed off lady..
    no virginis for jihadist. Bummer!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I love these kinds of heartwarming stories, especially around the holidays.

    • Maurixio Garcia S

      The only love you have is four your cans of paint you sniff every day,thats medicine thats keps you alive.

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        Good morning Maurixio!
        One day, when you are not struggling with English, you will have to tell me how to correctly pronounce your name.

        The correct pronunciation of Hispanic names is a hobby of mine.
        It also helps me to connect with, and to better understand, the beautiful Hispanic culture and its people, which is useful when I want to complain to my gardener or to tell the trash man to make less noise on the days I am sleeping-in.


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            Hey Pedro, your supposed insults are boring, repetitive, and not very imaginative. What are you doing today at ARC industries?

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            I know where Maurixio lives. I figured it out by comparing his days he doesn’t show his face on BCF with the power blackouts in various 3rd world hispanic utopias.

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            Pray tell, enquiring minds want to know. I’m still waiting for him to spout, “Hey Meester, you like my seester?”.

          • Maurixio Garcia S

            Ugly whoe did that hurt you too?

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    • Canadian

      I hope it`s true!

  • Doug Kursk

    Awesome! More please! Better get out of Dodge after, though…