Indonesian “Hijabers” oppose Westernization

Combating the Western influence in the Indonesian community, several Islamic business networks are promoting Islamic products in a campaign to preserve the Islamic values in the Muslim-majority nation.

“I think Indonesia has become too Western,” Risti Rahmadi, a member of Hijabers Community, told Agence France Presse (AFP) on Sunday, November 9.

“Younger Indonesians spend most of their time hanging out at malls, and they forget to pray.”

The 37-year-old Muslim woman, Rahmadi, believes that the only way to lure the new segments to the thriving Muslim market is through fighting western consumerism…

…Wearing headscarves was often associated with an unfashionable life.

This has all changed nowadays.

In modern Indonesia, hijab turned to be a fashion item, as YouTube viewers can find thousands of Indonesian women offering tutorials on how to fashionably wear hijabs…

Fine. You are welcome to wear what you want in Indonesia. But, please, can we stop the Islamization of the West?

  • They would be a lot better off if they protested Arab imperialism under the disguise of religion.

    Those goofy hajibs are not western.

  • fuzzy

    Rainbow hijabbies.
    A bit too western with all those colours.

  • fuzzy

    western style handbags, shoes. Tsk tsk!

  • fuzzy

    One woman is wearing a western watch.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Don’t forget the world famous international Islamic beverage – Camel Urine.


  • Gotterdammerung141

    Hell isn’t letting them out of the house a little too Western? Get them some full length face coverings, strip away their purses and cellphones and get them back into the house.