Bangladesh: Hindu temples vandalized over claims of derogatory remarks about ‘prophet’ Muhammad on Facebook

The temples – Loknath Mandir, Kali Mandir, Ramthakurer Mandir, Doyamoy Mandir, and Anukul Thakurer Mandir – are located at Lalpur village in Ashuganj Upazila.

Police have detained three Lalpur residents – Muhammad Babul Mia, 21, Muhammad Rasel Mia, 20, and Muhammad Jewel Mia, 18 – for the attacks.

A case is being filed over the incident.

Ashuganj police OC Abu Zafar said a band of men vandalised one Debashish Das Sohel’s house in Lalpur on Wednesday claiming he had made derogatory comments on Prophet Muhammad on Facebook.

Sohel was accused in a case under the ICT [Information and Communication Technology] Act and was detained the same night.

Zafar added a group of stick-wielding men vandalised five temples in Lalpur on Friday night over the alleged defamation.

Dilip Dasgupta, a local, said some people brandishing sticks took out a procession in the village on Friday evening.

“They attacked the five temples simultaneously later in the night,” he said…

  • Again?

    • Frau Katze

      It is very common in Bangladesh.

  • chayisun

    Poor old, long dead prophet muhammad . Another derogatory remark about this child molesting pervert who, if it was alive today, would be in jail. Well, one just can’t resist talking about this goon. Really. Then again, there is absolutely nothing good to say about this worm. Gee, I think I may have insulted this piece of work.

  • Xavier

    Islam has quite an inferiority complex.

  • RevnantDream

    Not Hindu or even a defender, but its just plain respect for others you don’t vandalize their shrines.It shows a lack of humanity , if not sanity to attack those you disagree with about God.

  • Robyn Jones

    I sincerely hope the police do their job properly and don’t bow down to these barbaric people.