Iran doesn’t want nukes; Khamanei says they are un-Islamic; Catholic bishops believe it and meet for to find ‘similarities in faith and reason between Islam and Catholicism’

When Americans think of Iran, the first thing that comes to mind for many is nuclear weapons – Iran wants them and the West thinks it’s a terrible idea. But what many Americans don’t know is that one of Iran’s top leaders has actually declared nuclear proliferation as anti-Islam.

On a recent trip, a group of U.S. bishops learned, according to Iran’s supreme leader, Shia Islam does not allow for the development, stockpiling or use of nuclear weapons. In that, the two groups of religious leaders found common ground to discuss similarities in faith and reason between Islam and Catholicism.

A six-person American delegation, including three bishops, engaged in conversations with Iranian Ayatollahs at the Supreme Council of the Seminary Teachers of Qom, the pre-eminent center of religious scholarship in Iran. Over four days in March, they met with religious counterparts to discuss the implications of nuclear weapons.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has issued a fatwa, or an Islamic legal opinion, stating the religion prohibits possessing, developing and using such weapons. Iranian officials have echoed the decree, maintaining that their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes only.

But despite the declaration that nuclear weapons violate Islam, Iran has a difficult time convincing the rest of the world it doesn’t seek nuclear armament…

At first I thought I had stumbled upon a crackpot site here. But it is from the US News & World Report.

If Iran doesn’t want nuclear weapons, why is spending so money on very expensive nuclear power plants that it does not need (it has vast amounts of oil and gas)? Iran is in a highly seismic area and there has already been one quake at the Bushehr site. To believe that this has nothing to do weapons is to be a total idiot.

The Catholic leaders are idiots to believe the Ayatollahs, of course, but we already knew that.  They are also extremely foolish to meet with the Iranians to find “common ground to discuss similarities in faith and reason between Islam and Catholicism.”  It is scarcely believable.

I am not even sure this MSM anymore. Wiki says it ceased paper publication in 2010 (it was started in 1933). It now maintains a feeble web presence only.