Glenn Greenwald is an apologist for Islam (and Omar Khadr): Interview with MacLeans

Q: You used the word “legitimate” there. So is what has happened legitimate?

A: Look at the case of Omar Khadr. Here’s somebody who was in Afghanistan, whose family is from that region, and what got him labelled a terrorist and sent to Guantánamo wasn’t blowing up a shopping mall or killing civilians. He targeted the soldiers who were invading and occupying.

Q: So if I feel that the state is oppressing me for whatever reason, is it legitimate for me to go out and shoot cops?

A: It depends what the level of oppression is. I think that most people in the Western world regard the American Revolution as justifiable, and that relied almost exclusively on violence against authorities, soldiers, police officers.

The American and Canadian governments support violence of all kinds, including things that are done against authorities that they consider oppressive.

So, I think we’re very good at giving ourselves licence to use violence for political ends, and not very good at thinking other people have that same licence…