CBC & #JianGhomeshi think alike: ‘Do you live in the ghetto? What’s wrong with you? As if anything like that would happen.’

The CBC is in full denial mode – No one knew nuffin bout nuffin. By next week they’ll be declaring Ghomeshi a “low level volunteer” with the organization.

Everyone interviewed in this latest Star piece, CBC executives keeping quiet on Jian Ghomeshi allegations, from Hubie, through to Denise Donlon, head of CBC Radio from 2007 to 2011 claims no knowledge of Ghomeshi’s actions or his now apparent long standing reputation as a bad date.

Which leads to the headline quote, ‘Do you live in the ghetto? What’s wrong with you? As if anything like that would happen.’, that was Ghomeshi’s response to one of his date’s when she mentioned his proclivities might one day be made public. It’s a mindset I expect is typical at the CBC and within the ghetto inhabited by our alleged cultural and media elite. All indications are that Ghomeshi’s behavior was well known within an industry and community that breathes gossip. It takes a velvet touch to keep something this heinous quiet for so long, and it isn’t accomplished without enablers.

Canada is a small pond and it’s media and entertainment sector draws from a limited gene pool. They will circle the wagons to protect one another now that the news of Ghomeshi’s perversions is public, just as the wagons were circled to protect Ghomeshi in the first place.

NB: The CBC Union is now on the record stating that the CBC staffer abused by Ghomeshi did not report the incident to her Union representative but rather to a “Union Volunteer”. Sorry but I don’t like the smell of that…

Jian Ghomeshi allegedly choked, beat N.B. woman with belt

She says Ghomeshi did tell her he had “these violent type of tendencies,” but assured her it was “pure text fantasy” and that “none of it would happen in real life.”

“And so when he was violent with me without any talk of it ahead of time at his house, I didn’t see it coming. It blindsided me.”

She was too shocked, scared and star-struck to tell him to stop, she said.

“I just allowed it to happen. I didn’t know what else I was supposed to do,” she said, describing it as “the biggest mistake of my life.”

Afterward, when bruises developed, she says she sent Ghomeshi pictures of them to let him know he had physically hurt her.

She says she also cautioned him, saying that if he hurt any other women like that, someone was bound to report it to the police or the media.

“He said, ‘Do you live in the ghetto? What’s wrong with you? As if anything like that would happen.'”

Update: That didn’t take long – The media is circling the wagons and covering For the CBC – The Globe has a piece up which exonerates the CBC of enabling Ghomeshi, why they didn’t know nuffin never. They were victims!

Behind the CBC’s decision to fire Ghomeshi

Executives at the CBC, who had long accepted Mr. Ghomeshi’s account, asked to see the detailed evidence. According to sources with knowledge of the exchange, Mr. Ghomeshi’s camp agreed, and a meeting was arranged for Thursday.

At that meeting, a lawyer for Mr. Ghomeshi presented two people from CBC management with texts, e-mails and photos of the radio host’s sexual encounters. The evidence was intended to demonstrate consent, a point Mr. Ghomeshi would later stress in a statement: “Everything I have done has been consensual.”

But the CBC managers were taken aback, and their views on Mr. Ghomeshi’s conduct changed instantly. What they saw, in their opinions, was far more aggressive and physical than anything they had been led to believe during months of discussions.

Police shouldn’t have to wait for formal complaint to start investigations

“We are quite prepared to conduct a criminal investigation should they come forward with complaints,” said Blair.

Who knew the police need to be invited into a chorus of allegations which include women who alleged they were “punched and choked” by the former radio host.

Of course the whole notion is ludicrous. They don’t need to be invited in to probe any case. They certainty didn’t wait for one when it came to investigating Mayor Rob Ford’s late night escapades.

Sometimes what is needed is a little bit out-of-the-box thinking and skill on thin ice.

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