#JianGhomeshi under police investigation

Update:Two women come forward to police about Ghomeshi, investigation underway

Toronto police have confirmed that two women have come forward with allegations against Jian Ghomeshi and are investigating.

The Star has learned that one of the women is Trailer Park Boys actress Lucy DeCoutere, who alleged in an interview with the Star that in 2003, Ghomeshi choked her to the point she could not breathe and then slapped her hard three times on the side of her head.

The other woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, first talked to a Star reporter on Monday, and alleged that without consent, Ghomeshi grabbed her hair and pulled her down to the floor. Then, she alleges, he delivered three sharp punches to the side of her head while she lay on the floor.


CBC issues statement rivaling that of Jian Ghomeshi for insincerity – Hubie Is Sad! Hubie Is Shocked!

Hubie Lacroix is Shocked at the turn of events. Hubie is Sad! Hubie is Angry!


How can he be shocked about something the CBC aided and abetted?

For crying out loud the CBC hired Navigator along with Ghomeshi specifically to craft a strategy designed to mitigate potential leaks of “untrue allegations” by one of Ghomeshi’s “jilted lovers”. In short the CBC willingly went along with the “Bitches Be Crazy” defense.

It is implausible that CBC management was unaware of Ghomeshi’s reputation, he was “legend” within the industry. The CBC chose not to look deeper into Ghomeshi’s activities.

Sorry Hubie, not buying the Shocked thing at all, this is just more manipulation.

I do not buy this statement from the CBC, found in a memo to staff, that they fired Ghomeshi because evidence revealed he had physically injured a woman. They have known since last spring that Ghomeshi engaged in rough sex. What did they think happened?

“So what changed? On Thursday, October 23, CBC saw, for the first time, graphic evidence that Jian had caused physical injury to a woman. At no time prior to last week was CBC aware that Jian had engaged in any activities which resulted in the physical injury of another person.”

Brian Lilley Lambastes Lacroix, followed by Ezra on the CBC’s coverup

NB – In Ezra’s segment random CBC staffers are interviewed, all knew about Ghomeshi’s reputation – How come CBC Management didn’t?