USA: Two anti-violence organizers charged with severely beating roommate

Emanuel Velez and Nikole Ardeno

Two ‘Stop The Violence’ activists have been charged with severely beating a former roommate and fellow campaigner after he let himself into their flat to collect his belongings.

Nikole Ardeno and Emanuel Velez, both 30, were wearing anti-abuse t-shirts when they allegedly attacked Joshua Magraff as he was walking down the street in Washington, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday about 4.30 pm.

unnamed-10 Leaders of the campaign group insist they do not tolerate violence and will investigate the claims

Accusing him of burglary, the defendants kicked the victim as he was unconscious, causing him to have seizures and vomit blood, according to Washington police Chief Chris Luppino.

Ardeno was still wearing the same ‘Stop the Violence’ shirt that she had worn the night before as she led a march in the city protesting two recent shootings, the chief said.

Police believe Ardeno and Velez attacked Magraff because he had gone to an apartment all three shared to collect his belongings after moving out…