UK Labour MP: UKIP voters are pessimists; Ed Miliband is ‘brilliant’ at ‘giving people hope that there is a better future ahead’

British Muslims celebrate Eid in Trafalgar Square, 2011

Voters who support the UK Independence Party are “deeply pessimistic about themselves and their lives”, a Labour shadow minister has said.

Liam Byrne said voters are happy to see the rules on foreign students relaxed because they want their children to be “global citizens”, once they have got “stuff off their chest”.

Nonetheless, Labour should not be “afraid” of talking about immigration and be “honest” that it impacts on public services, he added.

“The curious thing about UKIP voters is that they have one big thing in common: they are darkly pessimistic about themselves and their lives and if you want people to vote for progressive politics, you need people that are optimistic,” he told Total Politics Magazine. Ed Miliband is “brilliant” at “giving people hope that there is a better future ahead”, the shadow skills minister added.

He said voters have an “incredibly sophisticated” view of the benefits of immigration. “I talk about immigration all the time with my constituents in public meetings, on the doorstep, in surveys, and I have always found that once you get through the first 5 or 10 minutes and people getting stuff off their chest, basically you get to a conversation about how are we going to change this for the better”…

Someone had been chugging the Kool-Ade big time. In fact, the whole Labour Party.