The #JianGhomeshi scandal is also about the CBC stonewalling about their culture of sexual harassment

It gets worse: Jian Ghomeshi dumped by PR firm over ‘lies,’ sources say

Jian Ghomeshi was dumped by Navigator, the high-profile crisis management firm retained to protect his public image, because the company believed Ghomeshi lied to them, sources have told the Star.
“He lied to the firm,” said a source with knowledge of the situation.

Update – The CBC is gonna pay for this: Q producer who alleges Ghomeshi threatened to ‘hate f—‘ her says she complained to boss in 2010

When in 2010 she revealed to the show’s executive producer that the host had said he wanted to “hate f—” her, and had groped her buttocks, the manager suggested there was no point confronting Mr. Ghomeshi about his actions, the woman said.

“[The executive producer’s] comment to me was …’He’s never going to change, you’re a malleable person, let’s talk about how you can make this a less toxic work environment for you,” the woman recalled. “No one was going to talk to Jian, he was too big. The show was a f—-ing juggernaut at that point. His face and name were inextricably linked with the brand of Q.”

The woman, now 35, also said she observed some unusual dating strategies by Mr. Ghomeshi. He would search for messages about him posted on Twitter or Facebook by women who appeared attractive, then contacted them directly, she said.

“He did this every single night,” the former producer said. “He was soliciting non stop. It was his playground.”

Both Ezra and Coren knock it out of the park. Well worth watching.