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Today in Canadian celebrity blowjobs.

Trailer Park Boys actor Lucy DeCoutere alleges Ghomeshi ‘choked’ her

CBC is interviewing a 2nd woman who claims abuse by that guy who did weird things that everybody knew about but nobody stopped on account of?

Celebrity culture? Downtown Toronto Sophisticate Syndrome? The incestuous nature of Canada’s Media/Entertainment class, much of which survives on government handouts?

Isn’t that Tequila Sheila? Sheila Copps Under Fire For Defending Jian Ghomeshi Yea the same Tequila Sheila who took great offense at John Crosbie’s remark…

Lizzie May:

On Sunday, after the ousted CBC host issued a Facebook post saying he was fired for his “sexual behaviour,” the Green Party leader took to Twitter, writing, “I think Jian is wonderful. Likely TMI for an old fogey like me, but his private life is none of our beeswax.”

Judy Rebick & her moustache:

“Whatever the allegations against Jian Ghomeshi, his show was a stunning accomplishment.”


A sex scandal or CBC scandal?

It’s hardly surprising that media coverage of a sex scandal involving one of the CBC’s highest-profile personalities would center mostly around the celebrity in question. Jian Ghomeshi may not exactly be a household name (I continue to be charmed by how many lay Canadians claim they’ve never heard of this “brightest star” in Canadian public radio), but he is handsome and successful and alleged to have committed sex crimes of the most spectacularly titillating sort - non-consensual sadomasochism- and these days, that’s the stuff that sells newspapers and generates clicks.

Yet in many respects, Ghomeshigate is really as much a scandal about the internal management of Canada’s embattled state broadcaster as the allegedly dysfunctional sex life of one of it’s employees. In particular, the network’s culpability as an agent of “rape culture,” the fashionable feminist slur for institutions that seek to systemically dismiss, minimize, or unduly question a woman’s claims of sexual oppression in order to protect powerful men.

Jian Ghomeshi Speaks

jian ghomesi speaks

Sound familiar? It wasn’t beating beating… Filmmaker Roman Polanski is questioned but FREED in Poland as the US tries to bring him back

Big Ears played ‘really important role’ in life, Jian Ghomeshi told crowd

Big Ears, a teddy bear two women say they were introduced to before Jian Ghomeshi became violent with them, got the radio star through some anxious times, he told a crowd in Stratford, Ont., in July.

Two women have told the Toronto Star Ghomeshi showed them the teddy bear, then turned the toy around and said, “Big Ears Teddy shouldn’t see this,” before he allegedly became abusive towards them.

In April, a Twitter account with the handle @bigearsteddy also accused Ghomeshi of abuse.

“Remember louring (sic) me to ur house under false pretences? Bruises dont lie. Signed, every female Carleton U media grad,” the account tweeted.

The Daily Mail, finally the Big Time! – NINE women now accuse fired CBC host Jian Ghomeshi of sexual abuse as it’s revealed he ‘would turn his teddy bear to face the wall during violent sex’

CBC to hire company to investigate in wake of Ghomeshi affair

The CBC says it is hiring a third-party company to conduct an investigation in the wake of allegations against former “Q” radio host Jian Ghomeshi.

A memo from the CBC’s Heather Conway says the move follows “accounts of impropriety towards (CBC) employees.”

Jian Ghomeshi’s predilection for 16 year old girls…