Roddenberry got it wrong

I am sure if Gene Roddenberry were alive today, he’d be very disappointed that humanity is still at war with itself throughout the world…

Like many other people, I watched the original Star Trek series and most of the spinoffs later. Roddenberry had a positive outlook that, one day, humans would end their wars and violence against each other and that greed and poverty would be eliminated.

Roddenberry also predicted that the human race would become a model for other humanoid races to aspire to.

Very admirable, but it’s unrealistic to assume that humans are deserving of the pedestal that he placed us on.

But then, his outlook and Star Trek vision were very liberal in its attitudes…

…I am realistic enough to see that humans are, and always will be, in perpetual conflict with each other. We can take steps to implement protections and correct wrongs, and make those who perpetrate heinous crimes – as ISIS does now – pay for what they have done or will do.

But we’ll never become the ideal human beings that Roddenberry believed we could become.

Roddenberry lived from 1921-1991.  Wiki also says he was a pilot in WW II so he must have known all about that. And yet he was still an idealist?

Aside from watching Star Trek, I know very little about him. Wiki also says he used drugs heavily and was a humanist and agnostic.