RCMP On Hunt For 3 Well Integrated Muslims In Quebec – Likely In Syria

Note this is a Google translate of the Le Journal de Montreal story – h/t Gisele – Link

The RCMP and the Secret Service are very interested to three young men who lived in Sherbrooke, which are not found, learned our Bureau of Investigation.

The parents of two of them have been visited by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

The three young men were in contact by Facebook friends and the Muslim Association of the University of Sherbrooke (AMUS). The association had made the news because it was frequented by Chiheb Esseghaïer, accused of plotting to detonate a VIA Rail train, from 2008 to 2010.

One of the young Sherbrooke monitored Youssef Sakhir, graduated in psychology from the University of Sherbrooke. Contacted by The Journal, her mother said not being able to talk to him for months.

“It is in Syria or somewhere, I do not know where … It does not give news. Just that he is alive, that’s all, “said Maria Houem deeply upset by the situation. “It ruined my soul!”

She received a visit from the RCMP and CSIS, one last time, the last few days. But she refuses to say more. According to our information, the authorities have asked not to speak to journalists.

August 31, Youssef Sakhir announced on Facebook that he had married without saying with whom.

A troubled father

His friend Facebook, Samir Halilovic also lacks the call.

“I do not know where he is. He left. I have already met the authorities. This is a subject that does not interest me, “said his father Sidik Halilovic before hanging up when The Journal was contacted.

When visiting our Bureau of Investigation in the modest apartment of Halilovic family in Sherbrooke, the father of the young disappeared, a man of high stature, knelt on the couch while trying to dial a number telephone that there was clearly no answer. After addressing a panicked woman hidden in another room tone, he curled up on the doorstep begging journalists to leave the premises in a tone barely audible.

His neighbors said they did not see him for six to eight months.

On April 7, an entry on the Facebook account of Samir Halilovic says he was with Youssef Sakhir in a quick pizza rue Sainte-Catherine Est, Montreal. Since then, he has left no clue where he is.

By cons, he published July 17 photo of a lion, the symbol of “servants of Allah” as often refer jihadist group Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Muslim Association

Youssef Samir Halilovic and Sakhir are both friends on Facebook of AMUS. This is also the case Zakria Habibi, who went missing in Turkey since July 17.

According to our information, the RCMP and CSIS also be watching a fourth person suspected to be involved in a radical group, also in connection with the Muslim association.

Met at AMUS by our Bureau of Investigation, two students at prayer assured not know the young men from Sherbrooke.

They advised us to talk to the president of the AMUS Taleb Sabbek. But this student and researcher at the Faculty of Civil Engineering has not responded to our messages.


From 2010 to 2012, Youssef Sakhir collaborating with a colleague BA in Psychology from the University of Sherbrooke, Laura Carpenter, a common work.

“Over the two years of the project, his attitude has changed. He became very religious, he applied the rule to the letter … It should not be the wind, she said. But he was very nice, very helpful. I got the impression that he lived a great spiritual change. ”

Neither CSIS nor the RCMP and its major integrated National Security Team (INSET) in Montreal have refused to comment.

“After checking with Ottawa and senior officers of the INSET, no name has been or will be disclosed, until further notice,” said a spokesman for the RCMP in Montreal, Luc Thibault.

Same speech Tahera Mufti, spokesman CSIS Ottawa.