Muslim terror suspect & assault-rifle collector from Pakistan arrested – faces deportation from Canada

Arrest shows police using new strategy to charge suspected extremists

A 30-year-old assault-rifle collector from Pakistan has been arrested on allegations that he is a terrorist threat to Canada. The Ontario resident is in jail, charged under immigration laws that would allow him to be deported, just one year after he avoided prison on different charges.

The new case shows how the Canadian government’s approach to suspected extremists may be evolving – rapidly – since two soldiers were killed last week in attacks the government has called terrorism.

Muhammad Aqeeq Ansari, a Karachi-born software designer who has lived in Ontario for several years, was arrested on Oct. 27. His lawyer said on Wednesday in an interview he is charged under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act with being a danger to the security of Canada.

He said federal officials allege Mr. Ansari has ties to terrorists in Pakistan, that he had amassed “a small arsenal” of guns; and that he has expressed extreme opinions on Twitter.

His Twitter account – Aqeeq Ansari @aqeeqansari