‘You will be shot down’: What RAF typhoon pilot told Latvian cargo plane after it sparked terror alert by veering off course over London forcing fighter jets to scramble

Two RAF fighters which scrambled across Britain to intercept a foreign aircraft apparently warned the plane would be ‘shot down’, after it sparked a terror alert by taking an unscheduled detour over London.

The Typhoons from RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, flew to Kent, south east England, at supersonic speeds to dramatically halt the plane on its way to Birmingham airport after it ’caused concern’ to air traffic controllers.

The swoop, which resulted in the Lativan-registered plane being grounded at Stansted airport, sparked a massive sonic boom which was heard across a 50-mile radius.

Soon after the incident, chilling audio emerged appearing to show one of the RAF pilots warning the three-man crew on board the foreign plane to listen to military instructions or risk being ‘shot down’.

In the audio footage – which has not been verified – a man is heard saying: ‘I’m instructed by Her Majesty’s government of the United Kingdom to warn you if you do not respond you will be shot down’…

The Professional Pilots’ Rumour Network (which I discovered when MH370 went missing) confirms the story — one pilot heard it. You can hear it at the link if this embed below does not work.   I find it reassuring that the RAF spotted it.  All is not lost — yet.