World Bulletin: Cuba allows churches, dismisses mosques

(A Russian Orthodox church, Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral, just one example of the former Russian influence on Cuba. Credit: Taylor Norton. More information on this church here)

Cuba is allowing construction of the country’s first new Catholic church in 55 years, but will not permit a mosque

For the first time since the Cuban revolution (1959), a new church will be built by the Cuban government. But more recently, a plan for construction of a mosque was rejected.

The Catholic church, with donations from the member of Catholic [community], will be built in Sandino, near the western province of Pinar del Rio Tampa in Florida. The church publication, “Christian Life” says the church, including 200 seats, will become a new step for connections between Cuba and the Catholics…

…However, both the leader of Cuban revolution Fidel Castro and his brother, President Raul Castro, were not very sympathetic to the construction of a mosque in Havana.

The head of Cuban Islamic Union Lazo Torres, said the Cuban communist party more recently refused the application for construction of a mosque planned by Turkish Religious Foundation.

Lazo Tores also said the number of mostly Cuban people who have chosen Islam, has reached 4,000 in Havana alone…

Note: this has been edited. The original reads like straight Google Translate. See here for more information on the new Catholic church.

I had no idea there was a Russian Orthodox church in Cuba. How bizarre.