UK Student Union Boycotts Israel But Does Not Condemn ISIS

The United Kingdom’s National Union of Students (NUS) has rejected a motion that would condemn ISIS on the grounds that it would be considered “Islamophobia.” The rejection of this motion has created uproar over the dominance of radical-left groups within the student body.

The decision by NUS’s National Executive Committee to reject the motion is even more shocking given that the NUS National Executive Committee adopted an aggressive bill just over two months ago that condemned Israel and called for a boycott of Israel. The anti-Israel motion was adopted despite objections that the motion risked alienating Jewish students, who are feeling increasingly insecure on British campuses due to militant anti-Israel activity.

The motion comes as Kurdish fighters continue to battle ISIS in Kobane, which has stymied ISIS’s bloody advance through Syria. Human Rights groups have said that ISIS’s brutal military campaign through Iraq and Syria is ethnic-cleansing of “historic proportions,” since non-Sunni Muslim groups, including Shias, Christians, and Yazidis, have been targeted with rape, mass-killings, and forcible conversions.

The proposed motion was created with the intent to specifically support the Kurds, who have been at both the forefront of the resistance to ISIS and on the receiving end of ISIS’s brutality. The motion called “to condemn the IS and support Kurdish forces fighting against it, while expressing no confidence or trust in the US military intervention.”

However, according to student newspaper The Tab, NUS’s black students’ officer Malia Bouattia came out strongly against the motion, reportedly claiming, “Condemnation of ISIS appears to have become a justification for war and blatant islamophobia. This rhetoric exacerbates the issue at hand and in essence is a further attack on those we aim to defend”…