UK: Portsmouth Muslim leaders condemn Islamic State, then lie and say ‘it stands against every teaching the Qur’an gives us’

violent-koran-versesMuslim leaders from mosques in Portsmouth have come together to try to stop more young men from the city travelling to fight in Syria.

Four Portsmouth men have been killed after joining Islamic State (IS).

On Sunday, a faith leader blamed social media and the internet for “radicalising” them…

From the statement by the Portsmouth Muslims ‘leaders’:

We are united in our condemnation of hatred, violence and racism. We are united in our condemnation of the group known as the Islamic State.

Support for the group which calls itself Islamic State or Caliphate is illegal, and utterly opposed to everything that those who follow the Islamic faith believe in.

We are working together to support our young people, to prevent them from the damaging effects of radicalisation, and to prevent them from travelling to Syria, Iraq or any other place in the world where violence is used in the name of Islam.

We condemn the actions of any group which seeks to influence impressionable young Muslims to leave the safety of their communities to commit acts of terrible violence overseas. It is not a humanitarian cause they would be joining, it is a violent and terrible regime. Such acts of violence are barbaric and inhumane. There is absolutely no basis in Islam for these acts. It stands against every teaching the Qur’an gives us.

They are lying right there. They know perfectly well that the Koran contains verses inciting violence. There is a good summary at The Religion of Peace.

I will start believing they are sincere about reform when they stop lying about this and indicate how they plan to deal with it.