Like Studying Islam By Not Reading The Koran… CSIS Does Not Investigate Mosques

Time to take on jihadist agenda

At times, my fellow Canadians alarm me.

When three anonymous women allegedly have kinky sex with radio celebrity Jian Ghomeshi and are allegedly physically and/or verbally assaulted by him, the country goes into a tizzy.

However, when three anonymous Toronto girls are recruited by Islamic State to marry ISIS fighters overseas who are warring against Canada, and are subsequently rescued by our security agencies and released back into the community, Canada yawns.

While Canadians were distracted by the Ghomeshi affair, the Senate Security Committee heard from RCMP and CSIS officials about the threats we face at the hands of homegrown jihadists.

One exchange between Sen. Daniel Lang and CSIS Assistant Director Michael Peirce ended with the security official making a startling admission – CSIS does not investigate mosques!

It appears our security services are afraid of Muslims, so afraid of jeopardizing their ludicrous outreach efforts that not only do they refuse to release information to the public on terror threats, (We have to get that information from US sources) they’re too afraid to investigate the source. This is a akin to studying Islam by not reading the Koran.

Remember, these are the same folks who told us there were no imminent threats a week or so before 2 soldiers we’re murdered by Islam inspired lunatics.