Letter to editor, Hamilton Spectator: We need to be aware of Middle East events

Canada forever changed after Hamilton corporal struck down (Column, Oct. 23)

The horrific lethal terror attack by Islamist “convert” (his father is a Libyan Muslim) Michael Zehaf-Bibeau against Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and our Parliament is an attack on all Canadians and an attack against humanity. It follows the murderous attack in Quebec against Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, carried out by a convert to Islam, Martin Couture-Rouleau .

I hope the end result will be a more realistic, honest appraisal of the ideology behind terrorism, a more complete readiness to target terrorism, and a more careful screening of those who share the ideology of hate that is ingrained in a large part of the world where people are clamouring to get into Canada.

I also hope that we will become more attuned to what is going on in the Middle East where, on that same day, a Hamas terrorist drove his car into a crowd near a light rail station in Jerusalem and killed three-month old baby, Chaya Zissel Braun, and injured nine others.

We are not on the front lines here as they are in Israel. Israel stands alone, often excoriated and criticized for defending itself. That criticism is part of the terrorists’ plan to discredit and demonize those who dare challenge their ideology, authority and conquest. The war on terrorism is also a war against propaganda and lies that requires a de-legitimization of their terrorist belief system.

Gary Gerofsky, Dundas