In Toronto, even the alpha males are betas #jianghomeshi

I’ve heard of “white knighting,” but someone named Owen Pallet just galloped into Facebook on an albino Clydesdale.

I used to joke that first the Catholic Church made sex “bad,” but after Vatican II, with NFP and all that, they succeeded in making it boring instead.

On an amazingly similar note, Owen Pallet’s contribution to #Ghomeshiquiddick includes a description of BDSM that I’ve noticed has become the default, er, position of the last ten years at least…

Very interesting Jian Ghomeshi update – The real reasons Jian Ghomeshi is suing the CBC

“Curiouser and Curiouser,” Alice exclaimed, in her plea from Wonderland — which pretty much describes the ever-evolving perambulations in former radio host Jian Ghomeshi’s fight against his firing from the CBC. Ghomeshi has no right to sue his former employer, and yet here he is proceeding with filing his $55-milliion lawsuit. It looks bizarre until you realize that what the lawsuit is really about isn’t winning in court: It’s about Ghomeshi being able to say whatever he wants in legal documents with total protection from being sued for libel himself, while intimidating women from going public with allegations of assault at Ghomeshi’s hands.”

Plus…From “Crazy” to “Jilted” to “Psycho,” An A-Z Guide To Slurs About Women