How ‘bout a little less Muslim outreach, and a little more science, NASA?

The unmanned Antares rocket explodes seconds after lift off from a commercial launch pad at Wallops Island, Virginia Picture: REUTERS/Matthew Travis/Zero-G News

Now we can add NASA to a long list of incompetent, failed federal government agencies.

One by one, they are falling like dominoes under the leadership of King Obama and his Rasputin.

Every well respected federal agency of these United States has been ruined by an agenda of political correctness and anti-American priorities. NASA is the latest agency to show its true cards of incompetence. Never mind that the rocket was using a Russian engine…

The real issue is the sad fact that America’s greatness has been squandered in an effort to save the world from Obama’s dreamed up racial guilt. In his mind, every minority or anti-Christian group is owed a huge debt by the United States for its horrible past of atrocities and greed. Therefore, Obama’s priority has been to siphon off the awesome capabilities of this country to redistribute to the rest of the world…