Hate speech is drowning reddit and no one can stop it

In September, a group of black women penned an impassioned letter to the people who run Reddit entitled: “We have a racist user problem and reddit won’t take action.”

Posted by the username of pro_creator, who serves as a moderator on the subreddit /r/blackladies, it was cosigned by the moderators of more than 60 other subreddits.

“Since this community was created, individuals have been invading this space to post hateful, racist messages and links to racist content, which are visible until a moderator individually removes the content and manually bans the user account,” the message said.

“reddit admins have explained to us that as long as users are not breaking sitewide rules, they will take no action,” the letter added…

I am unfamiliar with reddit and I am unable to evaluate this claim (I confess that I do not even know how to find ‘subreddits’. I have, however, seen charges of racism thrown around wildly, where they were not warranted. Perhaps someone who is more familiar with reddit can enlighten us.  There are more examples at the link.