Florida: Islamic school teacher accused of ‘horrific’ sexual abuse against teen girls — and school’s alleged response has sparked a lawsuit

Police are currently searching for a Muslim man suspected of sexually abusing teen girls while working as a teacher at Nur-Ul-Islam Academy in Cooper City, Florida. The victims, now adults, have filed a civil lawsuit against the school over its alleged response to the reports of sexual abuse.

Sgt. Carlos Corretjer, of the Pembroke Pines Police Department, told the Sun Sentinel that an investigation is ongoing into the disturbing allegations against Tariq Ahmad, 35. So far, officers have been unable to locate him.

Ahmad is accused of forcing two teen girls, who were aged 14 and 15 at the time, into sexual relationships.

The Daily Mail has more on the extent of the alleged sexual abuse:

Attorney Scott Mager said: ‘There was significant sexual abuse, intercourse and other inappropriate behaviour such that one of the students had to have substantial surgical repair of that (private) area. It’s horrific.

‘He would use the chalk board to arrange for times and places to meet victims after school,’ said attorney Michael Dolce.

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So we are not talking about simple ‘seduction’ of a student (which is of course completely inappropriate) — seems he liked ‘rough sex’ as well.