UK axes support for Mediterranean invader, er, migrant rescue operation

Refugees Invaders and human rights  organisations react with anger as minister says saving people encourages others to risk voyage

Britain will not support any future search and rescue operations to prevent migrants and refugees invaders drowning in the Mediterranean, claiming they simply encourage more people to attempt the dangerous sea crossing, Foreign Office ministers have quietly announced.

Refugee Invader and human rights organisations reacted with anger to the official British refusal to support a sustained European search and rescue operation to prevent further mass migrant invader drownings, saying it would contribute to more people dying needlessly on Europe’s doorstep.

The British refusal comes as the official Italian sea and rescue operation, Mare Nostrum, is due to end this week after contributing over the past 12 months to the rescue of an estimated 150,000 people invaders since the Lampedusa tragedies in which 500 migrants invaders died in October 2013…

How much do you bet they will back down and change their minds?