Should Christians Admire Muslim Values? – Aleteia

(St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican. Source.)

As Catholics agonize over how best to cope with the more bitter fruits of modernity (sexual depravity and the breakdown of marriage and family), we can turn to another part of the planet to find a culture that has shown considerable success in preserving traditional mores. I am speaking, of course, of the Islamic world. Even as Christians abandon en masse our centuries-old beliefs concerning marriage, fornication and homosexuality, Muslims are still largely adhering to those traditional views.

Vincent Ryan Ruggiero has recently noted this in US Catholic Journal, pointing out that significant majorities of Muslims living in the Islamic world would like to see Sharia (divinely revealed Islamic law) adopted as the official law of their respective nations. Along with this, overwhelming majorities retain traditional views on marriage, sex, euthanasia, and suicide. Ruggiero understands that Westerners tend to view Sharia as barbaric and dehumanizing, particularly in light of the ruthless punishments it prescribes (including the stoning of adulterers, the execution of apostates, and the amputation of the hands of thieves). Nevertheless, he suggests that we should on the whole admire Islamic morality, recognizing that Muslims have been far more steadfast than we in retaining traditional moral views. We are not (forgive the pun) in a position to throw stones…

…Islam has been with us for fourteen centuries and not all of were filled with the kind of horror that we see in contemporary Islamic militants. Apologists point out that historically, Islamic societies have sometimes been culturally elevated and humane, fostering great art, philosophy and architecture…Should we take the gardens of Cordoba to be the “norm” for Islamic societies, and view ISIS as the aberration?…

I can’t believe I’m reading this. It is another sign of ‘Decline & Fall’ I fear.