Mayor-elect John Tory promises ‘better days ahead’… for all his connected friends

TORONTO – John Tory is Toronto’s new mayor but Mayor Rob Ford isn’t ruling out running again four years from now.

As the polls predicted, Tory was elected on Monday night defeating Olivia Chow and fighting off a challenge from Doug Ford in the race for the city’s top job.

The win comes 11 years after Tory lost his first bid to become mayor of Toronto and after a 10-month campaign.

Monday night’s unofficial results had Tory winning with 394,952 votes or 40.28%, Ford had 330,652 votes or 33.7% and Chow had 227,002 votes or 23.1%. Voter turnout was a stunning 61% of eligible voters.​

By comparison, Ford was elected with 383,501 votes back in 2010 when voter turnout was over 50%.

Trust me. Tory will be behind every lame-assed left wing agenda and discriminatory diversity initiative going.

At the end of his term he will be voted out, revealed as an ineffective puddle of politically correct liberal-left mush.