Greenfield: Government-Mandated Hysteria

(Cases and deaths — Ebola. Source.)

The media starts hysterical panics the way that Burger King makes burgers, but now it’s bemoaning “hysteria” and “panic” over Ebola. It’s silly for Americans to be worried about a lethal virus that has killed thousands, the self-proclaimed experts insist. It’s time to get over our irrational Ebolaphobic fear of a deadly epidemic.

Being concerned about Ebola is almost as silly as the other target of the media’s lectures about “hysteria” and “panic”… Islamic terrorism. Ebolaphobia and Islamophobia are the real threats…

…The same talking heads shaking their heads over those wacky Americans worried that they’ll die just because the man sitting in the seat next to them is vomiting Ebola into a paper bag or reading the bloodiest parts of the Koran while adjusting a wire that leads to his shoe, are not immune to panic.

Throw something serious at them like Global Warming or Gamergate, the Redskins, Voter ID or children praying in school and they will hysterically panic so hard that the chyrons scrolling under their sweating faces will turn red. Forget silly old Ebola, somewhere a high school still has an Indian mascot. Terrorism? Don’t make me laugh. Not when a 5-year-old is biting his pop tart into the shape of an assault rifle. MSNBC spent more time on Christie’s bridge than on Ebola because he scares them more than Ebola…